Introducing the crew

This isn't a one person blog site---it's a place to share tips and articles! We encourage writers, teachers, readers, and travelers to submit information for this site. Let's explore the world of great stories, insightful reviews, delicious food, interesting back stories, exotic locations, fun escapes, armchair adventures, and great learning experiences... together.   

Julie Davies

Julie has written and edited articles, books, policy manuals, marketing materials, curriculum, and newsletters for over 30 years. She was recently commissioned to write and teach a certification course on Short Term Rental Management at CSN and other colleges (after years of managing hotels, STRs, B&Bs, and senior care communities along with teaching about all areas of hospitality, tourism, senior care, and lodging management). She consults with and reviews travel and lodging businesses. Julie's joy is her daughters and grandchildren---she loves to read and travel with them, too.

Chris Davies

Chris loves to read, especially when he's sharing a book and mini-adventures with his grandsons. His favorite travel is with group tours, so he can relax and get to know the people as well as the travel destinations.

Alees Pabst
Orlando Attractions Specialist

Alees' husband is an Air Force officer, so most of her travel has involved moving to new locations with their adorable boys. She is a singer, songwriter, yoga instructor, personal trainer, and excels in photography (and motherhood). Now living in Orlando, she's an expert in local Florida attractions, especially Disney World, and homeschool learning adventures.

Bre Ellis
International Travel Specialist

Bre has traveled around the world on dozens of adventures and she's even lingered a while in some countries, immersing herself in the culture and making lasting friendships. Another book-lover, she has experienced some literature-inspired excursions. Bre earned her Master's Degree in International Affairs and Global Enterprise. She also teaches group fitness classes, like Zumba.

Guest Writers and Reviewers
send us your stories!

We invite authors, readers, teachers, travelers, students, book clubs, travel clubs, bloggers, and other advetenturers to join the discussions but also to contribute tips, reviews, and articles to be posted on this site. Whenever we travel, we meet wonderful new friends who share brilliant gems from their experiences. As we learn from each other, we enhance our learning and enjoyment!