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Review-River Kwai Resotel: Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

We enjoyed a long-tail boat ride on the River Kwai on our journey to an incredible resort tucked away in the lush tropical forest, the River Kwai Resotel. We moved at a fairly fast pace, with water spraying on both sides of the boat, but it was slow enough to still observe the interesting animals, huts, and activities on each side of the river. Then we started around a curve and several of us gasped at the beauty of the cone-shaped mountain ahead of us. It was stunningly picturesque! When we saw the landing dock in the distance, we could tell that this was no ordinary overnight lodging stop---this was going to be an adventure!

The well-manicured resort grounds are extensive and fun to explore.

The accommodations were comfortable, private, and unique. We were in a round suite made

of jungle wood in a stilted hut (with good air-conditioning, showers, and comfortable beds).

The buffet breakfast had Thai dishes as well as Western fare. In the evening, we ordered off the menu. The food quality was very good and it was reasonably priced.

There was interesting entertainment. In the evenings, the tour directors sang a variety of songs. There was a French tour group that particularly enjoyed the karaoke segments as they sang and danced to encore performances. That was a particularly entertaining and relaxing evening.

The breakfast buffet had a variety of delicious choices and you can also order from the menu.

The Thai massages are a must---inexpensive and wonderfully relaxing.

This guest directory had a variety of excursions, such as visits to the historic areas that brought us to the area (Hellfire Pass and the Memorial Museum, the Death Railway, and the Bridge over the River Kwai). Some others members of our tour opted for day trips to the Tiger Temple, Lawa Cave, Erawan Waterfall, or rafting and hiking tours.

While we enjoyed being on the tour, we were sad that we only spent two nights at this resort and didn't get a chance to visit some of the other attractions. My sister and I decided that this was a place to return (with our husbands) for a week-long stay.

We were able to visit a local open-air school and gave supplies to the children there. They performed and interacted with us. It was very charming.

The River Kwai Resotel is on my "return again and stay longer" list.


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