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Please note: This site became scrambled in a recent conversion and lost the majority of the data and apps. So, it's a work in progress.
Please check in again and we're sure to have the articles, tips, reviews, and lessons again.  Thank you for you patience.

We also have a link to the STR Certification Website here and on the promotions page.
About this site

Thank you for exploring literature, movies, travel destinations, stories inspired by adventures, and more on We feel that a great story is around every corner... some have made it to books and movies; others are simply waiting for us to discover and live them! Combining reading and travel can give us a continuing journey through great "Once Upon a Times" ... and adventurous "Happily Ever Afters."


This site provides book reviews, book content notes, travel guides and tips, author interviews, homeschool prompts, and local literary adventure tips, along with information that can help readers enjoy a story-related experience. We even have insights into where authors may have patterned locations within their plots. Please visit our site often because we're constantly adding new blog posts, tips, and links to more information.

We love great stories and delicious locations...and sharing tips and adventures with friends. Please email your tips so we can share them!

We've experienced technical glitches and have lost several of our posts/information.  We are in the process of restoring the site's posts, videos, and tips, though. Please check back (thanks for your patience). And please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, too.

Who would have guessed that a virus could disrupt our world?!


Review  helpful  Tips and Links about dealing the COVID-19 



...and some humor (with tips)

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